U.S. District Court of Kansas Discipline Cases

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Discipline Cases by Year:

Currently showing all results for: 2023
Date Filed Case Judge Attorney Name View Document
09/15/20232:23-da-00205-JAR-KHV-JWLDistrict Judge Julie A. RobinsonAllison KortView Document
08/28/20232:23-da-00204-JWL-JAR-KHVDistrict Judge John W. LungstrumChristopher BarndsView Document
07/19/20232:23-da-00202-JAR-KHV-JWLDistrict Judge Julie A. RobinsonJason AmerineView Document
01/27/20232:22-da-00213-JWL-JAR-KHVDistrict Judge John W. LungstrumDarren FulcherView Document
01/26/20232:22-da-00212-KHV-JWL-JARDistrict Judge Kathryn H. VratilJack JordanView Document
09/08/20232:21-da-00202-KHV-JAR-JWLDistrict Judge Kathryn H. VratilMark AyeshView Document