Pay Renewal Fees

The following system can be used to pay the renewal fee for any attorneys that have completed their questionnaire. If you are paying by credit card or debit card you will have to make separate payments per every 30 attorneys you will be paying for (this system will help you do that automatically). If paying by check there is no limit on the number of attorneys you can pay for at once. Input the attorney(s) below:

Format Instructions
One bar number per line.

One Bar Number:

Multiple Bar Numbers:

Excel Format Instructions
The only requirement is that some column in the Excel file contains only your desired attorney bar numbers.

No information other than bar numbers is parsed from the excel file and the file is never stored on our server. If no attorneys show up after the file is uploaded, there were most likely no bar numbers found.

Enter the office name we have stored for your firm. This will usually be the same value as the office name in one of your attorney's addresses.

This method will only include attorneys which have tied their account to a particular firm, and may not be up to date. Double check the attorneys that are added from this method.

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Bar Number Name Fee Options