Registration Renewals

Annual Registration Renewal Requirements: see D. Kan. Rule 83.5.3.

Registration renewals are accepted from June 1 through the deadline of July 1. Attorneys who fail to renew by July 31 are terminated pursuant to Local Rule 83.5.3 and will be charged a $100 reinstatement fee. Renewal is not required for attorneys admitted on or after January 1 of the current year or admitted pro hac vice.

Attorneys with pending cases in this court MUST maintain active status. There is no fee to maintain inactive or retired status. There are no penalties or reinstatements fees to return to active status, and it is not necessary to pay previous year’s fees.

Address Changes

Address changes and information updates can be made through OARS by logging in and selecting "Update Address" in the navigation menu.

Fees and Payment Options

Current prices for the 2023-2024 renewal period are:

  • Active Status: $25
  • Inactive Status: No Fee
  • Reinstatement Fee: $100 (If Applicable)

Renewal fees cannot be paid until your individual questionnaire has been completed. Your renewal fee can be paid in three ways:

  1. Pay Online
    This is the recommended payment method. It has daily processing, no extra fees, and accepts all major credit cards or debit cards.
  2. Pay By Check
    Paying by check incurs an additional $5 convenience fee and may take up to a week to process.
  3. Have Your Firm Pay
    Your firm (or anyone else) can pay for your renewal by using the multiple attorney payment system. The fee(s) may be paid either online or by check.

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