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Date Filed Case Judge
08/04/2021Luoma v. Thompson (6:21-cv-01187-SAC-ADM)District Judge Crow
08/04/2021Green v. Frito-Lay, Inc. (2:21-cv-02342-JWB-TJJ)District Judge Broomes
08/04/2021Kabutu v. Chisholm (2:21-cv-02340-TC-KGG)District Judge Crouse
08/04/2021Chavez v. Butler County Detention Facility (5:21-cv-03175-SAC)District Judge Crow
08/03/2021Cone v. Lowe's Home Improvement (2:21-cv-02339-EFM-JPO)District Judge Melgren
08/02/2021Williams (ID 103270) v. Kansas, State of (5:21-cv-03174-SAC)District Judge Crow
08/02/2021Lewis v. Woods (5:21-cv-03173-SAC)District Judge Crow
08/02/2021Noonan v. Woods (5:21-cv-03172-SAC)District Judge Crow
08/02/2021Steward v. Walmart, Inc. (2:21-cv-02338-EFM-JPO)District Judge Melgren
08/02/2021Lenhardt v. Germany, Federal Republic of et al (5:21-cv-04048-TC-ADM)District Judge Crouse
08/02/2021Winzer v. Mapleton Andover, LLC, The (6:21-cv-01186-DDC-GEB)District Judge Crabtree
07/30/2021Mendez v. Securitas Security Services, USA, Inc. (2:21-cv-02337-DDC-ADM)District Judge Crabtree
07/30/2021Logan v. North American Credit Services, Inc. (2:21-cv-02336-JAR-GEB)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/30/2021Kerr v. Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas et al (2:21-cv-02335-JWL-GEB)District Judge Lungstrum
07/30/2021Robles et al v. United States of America et al (5:21-cv-04047-JAR-ADM)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/30/2021Vasey v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company (6:21-cv-01185-DDC-JPO)District Judge Crabtree
07/29/2021Wilson v. Family Dollar, Inc. et al (2:21-cv-02334-DDC-KGG)District Judge Crabtree
07/29/2021Evans v. Sunrise Senior Living Management, Inc. et al (2:21-cv-02333-HLT-JPO)District Judge Teeter
07/29/2021Matthews (ID 105040) v. Kansas, State of (5:21-cv-03171-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/29/2021Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Company v. Nebergall et al (6:21-cv-01184-JAR-JPO)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/29/2021Pitman v. USA (6:21-cv-01183-EFM)District Judge Melgren
07/29/2021Rithmixay v. AutoZoners, LLC et al (2:21-cv-02332-HLT-TJJ)District Judge Teeter
07/28/2021Hazen v. Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church et al (5:21-cv-04046-JWB-JPO)District Judge Broomes
07/28/2021USA v. Macias (2:21-cr-20038-HLT-JPO)District Judge Teeter
07/28/2021USA v. Ojeda (2:21-cr-20037-DDC)District Judge Crabtree
07/28/2021USA v. Aguilera-Lara (2:21-cr-20036-JAR-TJJ)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/28/2021USA v. Zavala (2:21-cr-20039-DDC-TJJ)District Judge Crabtree
07/28/2021Vos v. Long et al (5:21-cv-03170-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/28/2021USA v. Anderson (2:21-cr-20041-HLT)District Judge Teeter
07/28/2021USA v. Gentry (5:21-cr-40073-HLT-ADM)District Judge Teeter
07/28/2021USA v. Hutson (5:21-cr-40073-HLT-ADM)District Judge Teeter
07/28/2021USA v. Hutson (5:21-cr-40073-HLT-ADM)District Judge Teeter
07/28/2021USA v. Clark (2:21-cr-20040-JAR)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/28/2021Gooden v. Kansas Counselors, Inc. (2:21-cv-02331-DDC-GEB)District Judge Crabtree
07/28/2021Social Security Claim (2:21-cv-02330-EFM)District Judge Melgren
07/27/2021Haywood v. State of Kansas et al (2:21-cv-02329-JWB-JPO)District Judge Broomes
07/27/2021Hollins v. Combe Incorporated et al (2:21-cv-02328-TC-JPO)District Judge Crouse
07/27/2021Gibson v. Kansas, State of (5:21-cv-03169-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/27/2021Haulmark v. Wichita, City of et al (6:21-cv-01182-EFM-TJJ)District Judge Melgren
07/27/2021Korgan et al v. Hansen (2:21-cv-02327-JWB-GEB)District Judge Broomes
07/27/2021Wooten-Newhouse v. Sedgwick County Adult Detention Facility et al (5:21-cv-03168-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/27/2021Thomas v. Sunlight Logistics Inc. et al (2:21-cv-02326-EFM-ADM)District Judge Melgren
07/27/2021Huerter et al v. Corizon Health Clinical Solutions, LLC et al (5:21-cv-04045-HLT-TJJ)District Judge Teeter
07/27/2021Social Security Claim (6:21-cv-01181-JWL)District Judge Lungstrum
07/27/2021Social Security Claim (6:21-cv-01180-JWL)District Judge Lungstrum
07/26/2021Long v. Johnston et al (5:21-cv-03167-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/26/2021Thomas v. CoreCivic Facility Support Center et al (5:21-cv-03166-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/26/2021Dahda v. USA (2:21-cv-02325-DDC)District Judge Crabtree
07/26/2021Maddux v. York International Corporation et al (2:21-cv-02324-JAR-ADM)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/26/2021Gooden v. Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC (2:21-cv-02323-JAR-GEB)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/26/2021Social Security Claim (2:21-cv-02322-HLT)District Judge Teeter
07/23/2021Signature Flooring, Inc. v. Shaw Industries, Inc. (2:21-cv-02321-JWB-GEB)District Judge Broomes
07/23/2021Carlson v. Standard Insurance Company (6:21-cv-01179-EFM-TJJ)District Judge Melgren
07/23/2021Das v. Kansas State University et al (5:21-cv-04044-DDC-JPO)District Judge Crabtree
07/23/2021Williams v. Williams et al (5:21-cv-03165-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/22/2021Miller v. Yes Management, LLC et al (2:21-cv-02320-JWB-ADM)District Judge Broomes
07/22/2021Hollins v. Kansas, State of (5:21-cv-03164-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/22/2021Jones v. Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc. (2:21-cv-02319-EFM-JPO)District Judge Melgren
07/21/2021USA v. Reyes (5:21-cr-40069-HLT)District Judge Teeter
07/21/2021USA v. Lear (5:21-cr-40068-TC-ADM)District Judge Crouse
07/21/2021USA v. White (6:21-cr-10056-EFM)District Judge Melgren
07/21/2021USA v. Chatmon (2:21-cr-20035-JAR)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/21/2021Chavez v. Jernigan et al (2:21-cv-02318-HLT-JPO)District Judge Teeter
07/21/2021United States of America v. Orange Grove Apartments, L.P. et al (5:21-cv-04043-JAR-KGG)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/21/2021Brown v. Davison Invent et al (2:21-cv-02317-JWB-TJJ)District Judge Broomes
07/20/2021Ortiz v. Bank of Labor (2:21-cv-02316-JAR-KGG)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/20/2021Mid-Continent Excess & Surplus Insurance Company v. Phelps et al (2:21-cv-02315-TC-JPO)District Judge Crouse
07/19/2021Williams v. Kansas, State of (5:21-cv-03163-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/19/2021Wheatley v. Cherokee County, Kansas et al (5:21-cv-03162-DDC-TJJ)District Judge Crabtree
07/19/2021Turpin v. Erie Construction Mid-West, Inc. (2:21-cv-02314-DDC-JPO)District Judge Crabtree
07/16/2021Yusuf v. Stevens et al (2:21-cv-02313-SAC-JPO)District Judge Crow
07/16/2021Ballard v. GPI KS-SB, Inc. (2:21-cv-02312-EFM-KGG)District Judge Melgren
07/16/2021Ayers et al v. Faulkner et al (2:21-cv-02311-KHV-TJJ)District Judge Vratil
07/16/2021Tran v. Douglas County, Kansas et al (2:21-cv-02310-KHV-KGG)District Judge Vratil
07/15/2021Klein v. Gayhardt et al (2:21-cv-02308-KHV-TJJ)District Judge Vratil
07/15/2021Cox v. Allstate Insurance Company (6:21-cv-01178-HLT-TJJ)District Judge Teeter
07/14/2021Etrick v. Kansasland Tire Co., Inc. of Hays, Kansas et al (6:21-cv-01177-KHV-JPO)District Judge Vratil
07/14/2021Kitmanyen v. Johnston et al (5:21-cv-03161-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/14/2021Herrington v. Redrock Canyon Grill (2:21-cv-02307-HLT-KGG)District Judge Teeter
07/14/2021Oxler et al. v. TravCo Insurance Company (6:21-cv-01176-HLT-KGG)District Judge Teeter
07/13/2021USA v. Parks (6:21-cr-10055-EFM)District Judge Melgren
07/13/2021Wendt v. Reddy Ice Corporation (6:21-cv-01175-DDC-KGG)District Judge Crabtree
07/13/2021USA v. Perez-Aguayo (6:21-cr-10054-JWB)District Judge Broomes
07/13/2021Primerica Life Insurance Company v. Arnold et al (2:21-cv-02306-TC-TJJ)District Judge Crouse
07/13/2021USA v. McGold (6:21-cr-10053-EFM)District Judge Melgren
07/13/2021USA v. Myers (6:21-cr-10050-EFM)District Judge Melgren
07/13/2021USA v. Castro (6:21-cr-10052-EFM)District Judge Melgren
07/13/2021USA v. Bennett (6:21-cr-10051-EFM)District Judge Melgren
07/13/2021USA v. Smith (6:21-cr-10049-JWB)District Judge Broomes
07/13/2021USA v. Rimer (6:21-cr-10049-JWB)District Judge Broomes
07/13/2021USA v. Perry (6:21-cr-10049-JWB)District Judge Broomes
07/13/2021Flauding v. TFI Family Services, Inc. (2:21-cv-02305-HLT-JPO)District Judge Teeter
07/12/2021Buchenau v. Cyhawk Hospitality, Inc. (2:21-cv-02304-JAR-ADM)Chief District Judge Robinson
07/11/2021Newdigger v. Miller's Professional Imaging (2:21-cv-02303-JWB-GEB)District Judge Broomes
07/09/2021Mullins v. Copper Coin, Inc. (6:21-cv-01174-HLT-KGG)District Judge Teeter
07/09/2021McRoberts (ID 117607) v. State of Kansas (5:21-cv-03160-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/09/2021Schulz v. Nicholson et al (5:21-cv-03159-SAC)District Judge Crow
07/09/2021First Christian Church of McPherson, Kansas, The v. Continental Western Insurance Company (6:21-cv-01173-EFM-GEB)District Judge Melgren
07/09/2021Social Security Claim (6:21-cv-01172-JWL)District Judge Lungstrum
07/08/2021Nyanjom v. NPAS Solutions, LLC (6:21-cv-01171-JAR-ADM)Chief District Judge Robinson
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