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Date Filed Case Judge
05/11/2021AJJ Hotel Holdings, Inc. v. The Revocable Trust of John Q. Hammons dated December 28, 1989 as Amended and Restated (2:21-cv-02218-DDC)District Judge Crabtree
05/11/2021Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange v. Kabaiku (2:21-cv-02217-DDC-ADM)District Judge Crabtree
05/10/2021Cole v. Kansas, State of (5:21-cv-03124-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/10/2021Thomas (ID 80566) v. Centurion (5:21-cv-03123-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/10/2021Armstrong v. Carter's Retail, Inc. (2:21-cv-02216-JWB-TJJ)District Judge Broomes
05/10/2021Starks v. Metro Men's Health, LLC (2:21-cv-02215-JWB-ADM)District Judge Broomes
05/07/2021Hill v. Prestige Worldwide Legends LLC (2:21-cv-02214-KHV-GEB)District Judge Vratil
05/07/2021Milleson-Nichols v. Stonemor, Inc. (6:21-cv-01128-KHV-ADM)District Judge Vratil
05/07/2021Fiscus v. Salazar et al (6:21-cv-01127-EFM-KGG)District Judge Melgren
05/07/2021Spoo v. Spoo et al (5:21-cv-04028-DDC-KGG)District Judge Crabtree
05/07/2021Halprin v. Henry et al (5:21-cv-03122-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/07/2021Beasley v. C R Bard Incorporated et al (2:21-cv-02213-KHV-KGG)District Judge Vratil
05/07/2021Social Security Claim (2:21-cv-02212-DDC)District Judge Crabtree
05/06/2021Brown v. Wyandotte County Adult Detention Center et al (5:21-cv-03119-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/06/2021Lowery v. Dekede et al (5:21-cv-03120-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/06/2021Flemming v. Core Civic Detention Center (5:21-cv-03121-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/06/2021Nilkanth, LLC v. Western World Insurance Company (6:21-cv-01126-TC-TJJ)District Judge Crouse
05/06/2021Fyock v. United States Post Office (2:21-cv-02211-HLT-JPO)District Judge Teeter
05/06/2021Baker et al v. Blue Valley School District USD 229 et al (2:21-cv-02210-HLT-TJJ)District Judge Teeter
05/05/2021USA v. Wilson (2:21-cr-20020-DDC)District Judge Crabtree
05/05/2021USA v. Stone (2:21-cr-20021-JAR)Chief District Judge Robinson
05/05/2021USA v. Kihn (2:21-cr-20022-HLT)District Judge Teeter
05/05/2021Wiegand v. Center Industries Corporation (6:21-cv-01125-KHV-ADM)District Judge Vratil
05/05/2021Thomas v. Kansas Department of Corrections et al (5:21-cv-03118-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/05/2021McClarin V. United States of America (6:21-cv-01124-EFM-KGG)District Judge Melgren
05/05/2021Noatum Logistics USA, LLC v. Global Management Services, LLC (2:21-cv-02209-HLT-TJJ)District Judge Teeter
05/05/2021Carpenters Pension Trust Fund of Kansas City et al v. Industrial Maintentance of Topeka, Inc. (2:21-cv-02208-DDC-GEB)District Judge Crabtree
05/04/2021Adkins v. Koduri (2:21-cv-02206-JAR-TJJ)Chief District Judge Robinson
05/04/2021Clark v. USD 229 Blue Valley et al (2:21-cv-02207-KHV-JPO)District Judge Vratil
05/04/2021Heartland Feeders, Inc. v. Kelley (6:21-cv-01123-JWB-KGG)District Judge Broomes
05/04/2021Malick v. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (6:21-cv-01121-JAR-GEB)Chief District Judge Robinson
05/04/2021Social Security Claim (6:21-cv-01122-KHV)District Judge Vratil
05/04/2021Cheney v. Rokal, Inc. (2:21-cv-02205-JWB-GEB)District Judge Broomes
05/04/2021Frantz (ID 124145) v. Kansas, State of et al (5:21-cv-03117-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/04/2021Sim v. United States Department of Homeland Security, et al (2:21-cv-02202-TC-KGG)District Judge Crouse
05/04/2021Arriaga v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (2:21-cv-02204-EFM-TJJ)District Judge Melgren
05/04/2021Thomas (ID 80566) v. Kansas Department of Corrections et al (5:21-cv-03116-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/04/2021Gwess et al. v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. (6:21-cv-01120-JAR-JPO)Chief District Judge Robinson
05/03/2021Bogart v. 6th Judicial Circuit (5:21-cv-03115-SAC)District Judge Crow
05/03/2021Hurley v. Johnston (5:21-cv-03114-JWL)District Judge Lungstrum
05/03/2021Nash v. Walmart, Inc. (2:21-cv-02203-JAR-GEB)Chief District Judge Robinson
05/03/2021Terry et al. v. Esurance Insurance Company (6:21-cv-01119-EFM-GEB)District Judge Melgren
05/01/2021Camacho Lopez v. Bev-Hub, LLC (6:21-cv-01118-EFM-GEB)District Judge Melgren
04/30/2021Rooks v. ACQ Holdings, LLC (2:21-cv-02201-JWB-ADM)District Judge Broomes
04/30/2021Borders v. Osage County Sheriff's Department (5:21-cv-04027-DDC-ADM)District Judge Crabtree
04/30/2021Sleeper v. Kincaid Group, LLC (2:21-cv-02200-DDC-JPO)District Judge Crabtree
04/30/2021Dustech, LLC v. Compass Minerals Ogden, Inc. (2:21-cv-02199-DDC-KGG)District Judge Crabtree
04/30/2021Remington v. Hy-Vee, Inc. (2:21-cv-02198-EFM-KGG)District Judge Melgren
04/29/2021Washington v. Howard et al (6:21-cv-01117-JWB-KGG)District Judge Broomes
04/29/2021Vaughn v. Chipotle LLC (6:21-cv-01116-HLT-KGG)District Judge Teeter
04/29/2021Lust v. Trans Union, LLC (2:21-cv-02197-HLT-JPO)District Judge Teeter
04/29/2021Davis v. Community America Credit Union (2:21-cv-02196-JAR-JPO)Chief District Judge Robinson
04/29/2021Kansas Heart Hospital, LLC v. Smith et al. (6:21-cv-01115-KHV-TJJ)District Judge Vratil
04/29/2021United States of America v. $66,460.00 in United States Currency (6:21-cv-01114-JWB-KGG)District Judge Broomes
04/29/2021Monegro v. University of Kansas Hospital Authority, The (2:21-cv-02195-JAR-ADM)Chief District Judge Robinson
04/28/2021Henderson v. Stormont-Vail Healthcare, Inc. (2:21-cv-02194-TC-JPO)District Judge Crouse
04/28/2021Stevens v. Epartment Communities, LLC (2:21-cv-02193-KHV-GEB)District Judge Vratil
04/28/2021USA v. Woosley (5:21-cr-40037-HLT)District Judge Teeter
04/28/2021USA v. Terrell (2:21-cr-20016-DDC)District Judge Crabtree
04/28/2021USA v. Summerville (5:21-cr-40036-TC)District Judge Crouse
04/28/2021USA v. Culpepper (5:21-cr-40033-TC)District Judge Crouse
04/28/2021USA v. Emerson (5:21-cr-40034-TC)District Judge Crouse
04/28/2021USA v. Townsend (5:21-cr-40038-TC-ADM)District Judge Crouse
04/28/2021USA v. Jones (2:21-cr-20015-HLT)District Judge Teeter
04/28/2021USA v. Cook (6:21-cr-10028-JWB)District Judge Broomes
04/28/2021United States of America v. $228,460.00 United States Currency (6:21-cv-01113-SAC-ADM)District Judge Crow
04/27/2021Martin v. Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas, The (5:21-cv-04026-EFM-ADM)District Judge Melgren
04/27/2021Curne v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (2:21-cv-02192-EFM-JPO)District Judge Melgren
04/27/2021Social Security Claim (6:21-cv-01112-JWL)District Judge Lungstrum
04/27/2021Social Security Claim (6:21-cv-01111-JWL)District Judge Lungstrum
04/27/2021Social Security Claim (6:21-cv-01110-JWB)District Judge Broomes
04/27/2021Fulbright v. Water Systems Engineering, Inc. (2:21-cv-02191-DDC-TJJ)District Judge Crabtree
04/26/2021Kansas, State of v. Gilbert (5:21-cv-03113-SAC)District Judge Crow
04/26/2021Wallingford v. Dekede et al (5:21-cv-03112-SAC)District Judge Crow
04/26/2021Heide (ID 108654) v. Satterfield et al (5:21-cv-03111-SAC)District Judge Crow
04/26/2021Commercial Credit Group Inc. v. Auto House, Inc. et al (2:21-cv-02190-HLT-GEB)District Judge Teeter
04/26/2021Ponjavic v. United of Omaha Life Insurance Company et al (2:21-cv-02189-JWL-TJJ)District Judge Lungstrum
04/26/2021Anaya v. First Federal Bank of Kansas City (2:21-cv-02188-HLT-JPO)District Judge Teeter
04/26/2021Yarbrough v. Scoular Company, The (6:21-cv-01109-JAR-JPO)Chief District Judge Robinson
04/23/2021Plotts v. Andrews (5:21-cv-03110-SAC)District Judge Crow
04/23/2021United States of America v. $64,020.00 in United States Currency (6:21-cv-01108-DDC-TJJ)District Judge Crabtree
04/23/2021Willdan Energy Solutions v. Millig LLC et al (2:21-cv-02187-TC-TJJ)District Judge Crouse
04/23/2021Janzen v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, L.L.C. (6:21-cv-01107-EFM-KGG)District Judge Melgren
04/22/2021Kina v. Kansas, State of, Department for Children and Families (5:21-cv-04025-JWB-KGG)District Judge Broomes
04/22/2021Redenbaugh v. Pfizer, Inc. et al (6:21-cv-01106-JWB-GEB)District Judge Broomes
04/22/2021Endurance Corporate Capital Limited v. WPP, LLC et al (2:21-cv-02186-JWB-KGG)District Judge Broomes
04/21/2021Lewis v. Biden et al (6:21-cv-01105-HLT-KGG)District Judge Teeter
04/21/2021Farr v. United States Government et al (2:21-cv-02183-JWB-TJJ)District Judge Broomes
04/21/2021Owens v. Kansas City Board of Public Utilities et al (2:21-cv-02185-KHV-ADM)District Judge Vratil
04/21/2021Williams v. Sullivan et al (5:21-cv-03109-SAC)District Judge Crow
04/21/2021Lambing v. Berkley Insurance Company / Berkley Net Underwriters et al (2:21-cv-02184-JWB-TJJ)District Judge Broomes
04/21/2021St. Clair v. Deluxe Corporation (2:21-cv-02182-DDC-JPO)District Judge Crabtree
04/21/2021First Church of the Nazarene of Newton, Kansas v. Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company et al (6:21-cv-01104-DDC-JPO)District Judge Crabtree
04/20/2021SRA Insurance Agency, LLC v. Virtus LLC et al (2:21-cv-02181-DDC-JPO)District Judge Crabtree
04/20/2021Black v. Adecco Staffing et al (2:21-cv-02180-DDC-ADM)District Judge Crabtree
04/20/2021USA v. Shimanek (6:21-cr-10025-EFM)District Judge Melgren
04/20/2021USA v. Biurquez (6:21-cr-10026-EFM)District Judge Melgren
04/20/2021USA v. Joseph (6:21-cr-10024-JWB)District Judge Broomes
04/20/2021USA v. Badeen (6:21-cr-10024-JWB)District Judge Broomes
04/20/2021USA v. Allan (6:21-cr-10024-JWB)District Judge Broomes
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